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About T7 Japan

About T7 Japan

Think7 (T7) is the official think tank engagement group of the Group of 7 (G7). Under the T7 process, global think tank experts develop research-based policy recommendations for consideration by G7 countries and partners, in coordination with the G7 presidency.

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) is hosting T7 as part of Japan’s 2023 G7 presidency, under the T7 Japan theme Addressing Crises, Reigniting Sustainable Development, Bridging the G7 and G20. ADBI Dean Tetsushi Sonobe is T7 Japan Lead Chair.

Focus on Inclusion and Global South

T7 Japan is open to participants from G7 and non-G7 countries, with the aim of delivering more impactful solutions to global leaders. T7 Japan also seeks to facilitate engagement between the G7 and the Global South critical to realizing G7 policy objectives

Policy research produced during the T7 Japan process is administered, in part, by four T7 Japan task forces:

Each task force is producing four high-quality policy briefs and an issues paper. In addition, focused policy insights will be provided by esteemed researchers.

Bridging the G7 and G20

It is true there are many differences between the G7 and Group of 20 (G20). Even for shared challenges, there are differences of opinion on solutions. T7 Japan and Think20 (T20) India will naturally propose different policies, yet will endeavor to find solutions that work for both G7 and non-G7 members of the G20 and propose them jointly to G7 and G20 leaders.

This collaboration is supported by the T7 Advisory Board, consisting of senior policy makers and experts. The board includes a member of the T20 India Core Group. Similarly, the T20 International Advisory Board includes the T7 Japan Lead Chair as a member.

Spotlighting Solutions

T7 recommendations will be featured at the T7 Japan Summit on 27-28 April in Tokyo and presented to leaders for consideration at the G7 summit on 19-21 May in Hiroshima. They will also be promoted via ensuing conferences, roundtables, policy dialogues, and outreach activities.

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