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Policy Briefs

Building Risk Resilience through Digital Technology

Task Force: Science and Digitalization for a Better Future
Authors: Joy Blessilda Sinay, Tetsushi Sonobe, Min Hung Cheng, John Maroney, Shinichi Kamiya, Edmond Y. Lo
Pubblication Date: May 2024


The increasing incidence of disasters and the emergence of other risks are widening protection gaps, particularly in developing countries where resources and institutions often fall short of what is needed. To soften the burden on governments and households, it is important to find innovative solutions that will strengthen countries’ resilience and, therefore, narrow associated protection gaps. The first step is to evaluate the risks, estimate the protection gaps, and come up with policy solutions. However, the basic requirements for the reliable assessment of risks and gaps are quality data and tools, which are lacking in the majority of developing countries. This Policy Brief aims to address these challenges and requests the G7 to strengthen the mechanisms which are necessary for evaluating risks and developing appropriate policy responses, and to identify a core group of key policymakers, private sector players and researchers that will drive the agenda forward.