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Policy Briefs

Enhancing Global Governance to Safeguard Peace in the Digital Age

Task Force: Development and Economic Prosperity

Authors: Neha Khanna, Casper Sonesson, Shayak Sengupta, Daniel Suryadarma


This brief discusses the potential benefits and risks of digital technologies for society and peace, including the need to regulate them to prevent harm. It proposes establishing an Intergovernmental Panel on Digital Change (IPDC) under the United Nations to provide policy makers with scientific knowledge about the impact of digital change on global peace and human well-being. The IPDC could also serve as a platform for coordinating approaches to address the risks and opportunities posed by digital change and support the development and implementation of responsible policy frameworks. The Group of Seven (G7) members could play a significant role in establishing the IPDC due to their technological and economic power. They could use their platform to raise awareness of the opportunities and risks of digital change and use their political influence to encourage others to support the establishment of an IPDC. Holding the G7 summit in Hiroshima in 2023 represents a rare political opportunity to promote and safeguard peace in the digital age.