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Policy Briefs

G7 and Africa: A Paramount Alliance for Multilateral Peace Efforts

Task Force: Peace, Security and Global Governance
Authors: Francesca Caruso, Bernardo Venturi
Pubblication Date: May 2024


The international order is increasingly being challenged by a multitude of conflicts in several geographical regions, involving different actors, from governments to militia groups. The recurrence and persistence of such conflicts have accelerated the crisis of the multilateral system, incapable of both preventing and resolving wars. The Presidency of the G7 stated that two major priorities will be the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. Here, however, the homogeneity of the G7 might undermine its ability to find innovative solutions and limit its global perspective. The inclusion of countries from the “Global South”, even as observers, might mitigate this risk. Due to demography and natural resources, countries from the African continent (and their international organizations) could be crucial interlocutors that might play a key role. Moreover, regular inclusion in G7 summits might help the group strategize on how to tackle the numerous conflicts in the African continent itself, by providing support to multilateral peace operations, peace-making and peacebuilding missions.