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Policy Briefs

Identifying “Impact Hubs” for Agenda 2030 and G7 Commitment to Agenda 2030 “Policy Tags” (SDG Tags)

Task Force: International cooperation for the global common good


Alan Alexandroff ,
Colin Bradford ,
Philipp Bien


The proposal is in three parts but aimed at a singular goal: achieving measurable progress toward the successful fulfillment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The first element is to have the G7 members collectively map the key “impact hubs” as described by Anne-Marie Slaughter and Gordon LaForge (2021). The second element is to obtain a G7 commitment to identify what principal SDG, or SDGs, is promoted or advanced with every policy initiative or announcement, whether administrative, legislative, or executive through the use of SDG Tags. The third and final element of the proposal urges G7 efforts to obtain G20 adoption of the initiative.