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Policy Briefs

Improving Global Governance: Data Cooperatives for Global Cooperation

Task Force: Science and Digitalization for a Better Future
Authors: Jascha Stein, Mei Lin Fung, Marta Bertolaso, Fulvio Bersanetti, Suruchi Gupta, Ronald Strauß, Charlie Isaacs, Christine Asjoma
Pubblication Date: May 2024


In response to the growing digital, economic and social divide accelerated by the rapid integration of artificial intelligence, that will significantly impact the socio-economic situation in the G7 countries, this policy brief proposes the creation of data cooperatives. Data cooperatives decentralise data management and empower individuals and communities to own and control shared data resources. In contrast to traditional centralised data management, this model promotes ethical data use and inclusive participation in the digital economy and supports the Sustainable Development Goals. Our key recommendations for the G7 include creating a legal framework for data cooperatives, providing financial and technical support, promoting international data sharing, integrating cooperatives into global policy, investing in research and development and integrating blockchain and AI for security and transparency. Implementing these strategies will enable the G7-states to mitigate the serious socio-economic risks connected to changes brought by the technological advancements. This positions the G7 as leaders in advancing the global socio-economic systems to AI-driven, equitable digital economies and societies, advocating a people-centred world.