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Policy Briefs

International Support to Ukraine for Provision of the Global Food Security

Task Force: Peace, Security and Global Governance
Authors: Yuriy Yakymenko, Oleksiy Melnyk, Vasyl Yurchyshyn
Pubblication Date: May 2024


Coordinated action by the world’s leading countries, primarily the G7, to ensure reliable international supplies of agricultural commodities and food is a prerequisite for enhancing global food security. The absence or inconsistent support from the G7 in implementing agreed practical steps could result in further food security risks. Ukraine’s role in the global food system is significant, but due to the Russian aggression and its military threats to maritime transport, Ukraine’s ability to export agricultural products to international markets has been greatly reduced, also affecting global food security. The G7 countries should take the lead in developing institutional mechanisms to ensure the supply of Ukrainian agricultural exports to to international markets in times of war.