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Policy Briefs

Mitigating AI-Generated Disinformation: A Cyber Collaborative Framework for G7 Governance

Task Force: Peace, Security and Global Governance
Authors: Leonardo De Agostini, Beatrice Catena, Simona Autolitano
Pubblication Date: May 2024


In an increasingly multipolar and conflict-prone world, witnessing the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), this paper explores the disruptive potential of AI-generated disinformation, a growing threat to global peace and security. The advance of generative AI tools able to rapidly produce convincing “synthetic disinformation”, such as large language models (LLMs), has exponentially amplified the reach and impact of foreign information manipulation and interference (FIMI) wielded by both state actors and non-state actors alike. Against this challenge, the G7 countries have shown proactive leadership in recognising and addressing the threat posed by AI and disinformation, leveraging resources and expertise to develop innovative strategies. Still, the lack of uniformity in regulatory approaches and policies across G7 nations, as well as the compartmentalisation between cyber policies and counter-disinformation responses, has resulted in fragmented solutions that are now insufficient. This paper argues that tackling AI-generated disinformation with a cyber-security approach not only offers an effective framework for G7 action but also paves the way for broader AI and cyber regulation milestones, leveraging the G7’s role as norm setter in peace, security and global governance.