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Policy Briefs

Prosperity Index

Task Force: Social cohesion, economic transformation and open societies

Henrietta Moore ,
Fabio Battaglia ,
Rayhaan Lorgat ,
Katrina Moseley


For far too long, economies have focused on established economic orthodoxies related to the aggregate figures of GDP, economic growth and job creation as measures of prosperity. However, G7 countries have the opportunity to adopt a bold, new and radical approach with the use of citizen-led prosperity indices that collectively reimagines the foundations of prosperity within G7 economies from a bottom-up perspective.


The IGP is calling for G7 countries to adopt new citizen-led indices that link local priorities to policy-making to create and measure placed-based prosperity reflecting the lived experiences of citizens and communities in the 21st century. Our research identified ‘secure livelihood’ as the most important factor that drives people’s prosperity and lays the foundations for people to lead fulfilling and flourishing lives. Creating the “open, inclusive and democratic societies” that the G7 values highly means enabling citizens to participate, actively shape place-based policy-making and social action and influence the everyday decisions that impact their lives.