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The G7 at 50 – T7 Italy Inception Conference

by | 25 Jan, 2024

30/01/2024, Online event, h. 12:00 CET

When the 50th G7 will take place in Italy in June 2024, close to half a century will have passed since its inception in 1975. Much has changed since then: the G7’s weight on the global economy has declined, countries from the “Global South” ask for more voice, and the G20 has turned into the most important international forum for economic and financial coordination.

Despite all this, the G7 has continued to demonstrate its relevance by addressing pressing global challenges such as geopolitical tensions, climate change, development finance, international trade, and technological advances. This year, Italy’s priorities include promoting development in Africa, addressing trade and financial challenges, and giving a further impulse to the adoption of a global rulebook for artificial intelligence (AI).

In this context, the Think7 (the official think tank engagement group of the G7) will aim to support the work of the G7 by providing a forum to discuss the most relevant issues among experts, and by offering policy recommendations to the Leaders of G7 countries.

The event will be live streamed on this page.